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Mr. Pieter Snyders: Forensic Security & Solutions, Pretoria SA

Mr. Pieter Snyders has come as one of the most popular names in the private security sector due to his valuable achievements and extensive involvement in fulfilling the majority of law enforcement, VIP protection, body guarding and general investigations, surveillance & counter-surveillance, bugging & debugging need of Clients working in the private and governmental sector of Pretoria, Namibia, Zimbabwe and some parts of United States. He has been instrumental in analyzing the personal and business needs of corporate clients. It is mainly because of his earnest efforts, huge dedication and enriched experience of working in the government and private security organizations for over 36 years.

Mr. Snyders has been a very talented personality since beginning. It was evident from his work in the South African Police services. He was awarded with many promotions and honours obtained during entire service period of over 16 years. He was awarded with honours degree in the national strategy and also having a national diploma in the police science. Hence, he could learn all about law enforcement activities. He also learned about guarding services, protection of assets and event management in the private sector. He served the police services up to a rank of Major and then he quitted.

After serving in the police services, Mr. Snyders worked as a director for a cross border crime prevention company operating under the name Agri-Inspec for five years. As a director, he was offered with the responsibilities to manage entire teams that are deployed in the prevention of cross border terrorism. Due to excellent commanding capabilities and effective leadership qualities, he won over many gruesome conditions by his experience and brought out most nostalgic solutions of difficult issues.

By this time, Mr. Snyders had hands on each and every activity which was necessary for becoming a qualified investigator and perfect security advisor. He upgraded his capabilities and caliber to independently handle all kinds of investigations and deliver most desired results through faster means. This way, he started handling a large number of issues of clients by serving timely and effective investigations.

Due to his timely services and eminent results, Mr. Snyders became popular among clients in Pretoria. To meet the ever increasing demands of quality investigation, In the year 1999, he founded his own licensed firm under the name Forensic Security & Solutions (FS&S) having a license number PSIRA 801845, where Mr. Snyders worked as a Chief executive officer. The distinct purpose of our firm is to offer the complete solution of guarding, general security, investigative and surveillance needs through an intelligent approach to the private security arena.

To this goal, Mr. Snyders formed a team of highly talented investigators that are having rich background of working in the police forces for over 15 years. It reveals that each and every investigator of FS&S is working for a single mission to offer the better future to the South African nationals through outstanding investigative services. So only, the firm has emerged as Black Economic Empowerment Company that has been looking after the major interest of clients through unmatched services.

Though, our head office is located in Pretoria but our branch offices are located in the Johannesburg and Cape Town. In the expansion program of our firm, today we have been providing our approaches in other major cities such as Rustenburg, Zeerust, Northam, Lichtenburg and Swartruggens. Besides that Mr. Snyders has been providing the online presence of his firm by maintaining his own website with the domain name It has come as eminent facility for the people to know him better and also to have better connectivity with the firms to seek his advices on various issues.

Today, we have our business associates in Namibia, Zimbabwe and some parts of United States. Apart from that Mr. Snyders has been the active of various international security organizations and international police associations which allowed him to create a reliable web of contacts and associations spread all over the globe.

Today, we have been offering maximum number of services for the excellent use of our prospective clients. The private investigation and detective services offered by us are rendered below:

  • Document examinations
  • Electronic surveillance and counter surveillance (including de-bugging)
  • Fraud investigations
  • 24 hour Guarding services
  • Hi-Jacking investigations and prevention
  • Internal theft investigations
  • LVA and Polygraph testing
  • Physical surveillance
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Profiling investigations
  • Quality control and risk analysis services
  • Technical and electronic installations (cameras & access control)
  • Theft investigations
  • Training courses in Forensic Investigations and similar subjects
  • Undercover services
  • VIP protection services
  • VIP passenger handling at airport

Apart from above mentioned services, we claims to have specialization in the corporate investigation activities. This is one of our bigger achievements in a direction to support and satisfy business houses operating across South Africa. We have got better resources to resolve critical business issues through our services.

A list of corporate investigation activities offered by us is mentioned below:

  • Corporate Due Diligence
  • Corporate Record Research Investigation
  • Corporate Profiling / Reputation Analyst Report
  • Competitive Intelligence & Market Analysis
  • Corporate Surveillance Services
  • Corporate Background Checks
  • Litigation Support Investigation
  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures
  • Intellectual property investigation services
  • Undercover operations
  • Corporate Process Services

We have been offering high profile services at a very competitive rate by reducing unnecessary expenses occurring in our processes. We are fully aware that cost of a service remains a bigger constraint before major communities spread across South Africa, which restrict them to use a costly service.

To know more about us and to use any of the abovementioned corporate investigation activity, you can contact us It would be our endeavor to revert back in the least possible time so that you don’t have to wait any longer for finding the solution of your problem.

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