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Mr. Gary Chute has progressed as one of the most qualified and experienced investigators in the regions of Connecticut. It is mainly because of his extensive work experience of over 20 years in the security and investigation department. He served the police department and retired after completing the qualifying service.

During his professional career, he enjoyed working in diverse environments and delivered optimum output in all type of conditions by using his skills and talents. He utilized the valuable time by learning the finest points of investigation. He also refined his skills to tackle entire complicated matter in the shortest possible time. His keenness and zeal enabled him to become the master of investigations.

After retirement from the police, he decided to serve the people by giving the best of his ability and caliber. His expertise in locating missing people, fugitives and proficiency of background investigation were immensely utilized by the individuals and corporate sector of Connecticut. With the passage of time, his valuable advises were highly demanded by the people for finding the most accurate answer of their regular issues.

The increasing demand of his advises and consultations led him to form a team of quality professionals, who were having the equal stamina and skills to deliver similar output. By virtue of his inborn talent and leadership quality, he has been motivating and guiding his team in better way so that his team members could acquire similar talents in providing best results in the minimum possible time.

At present, he has own investigative agency with the name Sub Rosa Investigative Group LLC, which is competent in dealing all kind of personal, family and business issues. The firm has been providing covert operations and surveillances in sophisticated and complex matters. Our firm has strong network with global associates, who have been supporting us in our mission to deliver highly successful processes to worldwide customers.

In our expansion program, we have come up with our own website with domain name which allows us to provide online presence to every client/customer placed at distant location and having no facilities to connect with a quality agency to obtain the quick and easy solution of entire personal and business problems. This facility is highly praised by all the communities residing there. Majority of them have been taking the best use of our resources to protect their personal lives and businesses.

Presently, our firm is looking after the wide spread interest of larger communities located in different parts of Connecticut. We have come to a level to deliver most advanced investigations on various matters requiring corporate, insurance, background investigation and skip trace services. Our team is fully conversant with existing rules and laws governing investigations in the territories of Connecticut. It has been our earnest effort to provide authentic investigations by working within ethical rules and regulations of investigations prevailing in the region. Therefore, there is no possibility of any breach of law by our performers.

Our corporate investigations have come as one of the special needs of every corporate and business. The activities covered under our investigations are mainly used by a large number of businesses facing legal issues and troubles caused by anti-management policies. Our professionals don’t take much time to understand and analyze a corporate issue. We have been providing perfect solution of every problem by using advanced techniques and gadgets. A wide range of activities provided by our firm are stated below:

  • Due Diligence
  • Corporate Record Research
  • Background Checks
  • Corporate Profiling & Reputation Analyst
  • Intelligence & Market Analysis
  • Tracing & Visit Services
  • Intellectual property Rights & Brand Protection
  • Raid & Enforcement Service
  • Investigation Services
  • Surveillance Services
  • Undercover Operations
  • Process serving
  • Litigation Support

It is our earnest effort to keep the cost of corporate investigations under control, so that the communities residing across Connecticut can avail the low cost services rendered by our firm.

For knowing more about us and to use any of the abovementioned corporate investigation activity in any part of Connecticut and surrounding areas, you can mail us at [email protected]. It would be our endeavor to revert back in the least possible time so that you don’t have to wait any longer for finding the solution of your problem.

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