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The Dowling Investigation, LLC has emerged as one of the most competitive detective agencies operating in the region of South Carolina. The firm has been performing in a manner to overcome entire worries and tensions of various business houses and individuals working in this region. The firm has been moving ahead in its role to provide the security to different installations also protecting personal lives. The firm has also been dedicated in meeting the ultimate requirement of each and every individual, who is expecting to get the permanent solution of his problem. This is made possible by the extreme efforts and strenuous work done by its key person Mr. Charles Dowling. He sincerely worked in a direction to bring ample of changes to existing system to make it more comfortable and impressive for meeting entire investigative requirements of businesses so that they don’t have to wait any longer to get the best care from him to flourish their organizations.

Mr. Charles Dowling the founder of Dowling Investigation, LLC had an inspiration to serve people for curbing their personal and professional worries. Due to his keen observation, he could realize that securing asset & business and protecting lives could be one of the best ways to help the people. Inspired by the fact, he came forward to extend his helps to all the suffered people residing in South Carolina. His intense vibes of investigations led him to adopt similar field to support people. He acquired huge talent and expertise to give the best of his ability and caliber to suffered societies.

As a highly talented and dedicated private detective, he had great responsibilities to bring a best team of great performers who can perform alike him and deliver equal results in any critical circumstance. In this attempt, his assistant always stood by him. They offered shoulder support in dealing with complicated issues regularly coming up in the society. Presently, his team has earned huge experience in conducting quality investigations and surveillances.

Apart from that his team has been providing helping clients in preparing evidences for court proceedings and also serving quick and effective results in the character related queries. This has come as the wide spread activity of his firm which is highly admired by the people of South Carolina.

In the expansion part of his firm, he maintains a website of his own with domain name It provides a facility to find the easy ways to connect with his team to get best advises and consultations. The domain is widely used by the communities living in the far off regions of South Carolina who have been experiencing great difficulty in contacting to a most influential agency of investigations and detective services.

Presently, Dowling Investigation, LLC has affiliation with some of most reputed international as well as domestic organizations. The details of concerned organizations are furnished below:

  • Chamber of Private Detectives (Life-time Membership)
  • International Private Investigators Union (Life-time Professional Management Member)
  • International Organization Private Intelligence Agencies (Lifetime Member)
  • P.I. Museum
  • Vidocq Charter Founder's Circle Member Orangeburg County Branch NAACP (Silver Life Subscribing)
  • AAPR (Lifetime - Membership)
  • Pro P.I. Group Member

By virtue of huge affiliation with above stated organizations, the firm has progressed to a level to become more qualifying in attending challenging tasks of conducting harder investigations and responsibly render the quality solution of insurance and background verification issues. The firm has also been providing quality means to deal with legal issues and provide litigation supports.

The team of Dowling Investigation, LLC is thorough with existing rules and laws controlling investigations. As a result of that the firm has been providing universally approved investigations by working within prevailing rules and regulations of investigations in South Carolina and surrounding areas. Therefore, there is absolutely no apprehension of any breach of law by our performers.

Our corporate investigations are marked as the most qualifying activity served to flourish firms. The activities covered under investigations are mainly served to support to a wide range of businesses victimized of having legal problems and adversely affected by anti-management policies. Our team doesn’t take much time to analyze a corporate issue. We work with full dedication to offer the perfect solution of every problem through faster means. A wide range of investigative activities provided by us are stated below:

  • Due Diligence
  • Corporate Record Research
  • Background Checks
  • Corporate Profiling & Reputation Analyst
  • Intelligence & Market Analysis
  • Tracing & Visit Services
  • Intellectual property Rights & Brand Protection
  • Raid & Enforcement Service
  • Investigation Services
  • Surveillance Services
  • Undercover Operations
  • Process serving
  • Litigation Support

It has been the earnest effort of Mr. Charles Dowling to keep the cost of corporate processes under control, so that communities residing across North and South Carolina can avail low cost services rendered by our firm.

For knowing more about us and to use any of the abovementioned activity in any part of North and South Carolina and surrounding areas, you can contact us at [email protected]. It would be our endeavor to revert back in the least possible time so that you don’t have to wait any longer to seek the solution of your problem.

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