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Corporate Investigations in Belgium

Jan Claus - Owner, Claus & Partners bvba

Mr. Claus Jan is a person of extraordinary caliber. He has had an illustrious career and remarkable achievements in the field of investigation. Mr. Jan is a Belgian National who was born in Belgium in 1956 who studied Criminology at the University of Leuven during the years 1974 to 1978 and then went on to serve the Police department. Thereafter, in 1992 he ventured out into the field of Private Investigation and laid the foundation of private investigation business. He has been a private investigator par excellence and presently owns two prominent private investigation companies in Belgium. He is the owner and Director of these investigation companies since 2006. Mr. Claus Jan’s main forte of investigation lies in Corporate Investigations, Insurance Investigations and Background Verification Services. The services are rendered all across Belgium and Luxemburg.

The Company owned and promoted by Mr. Claus Jan titled Claus & Partners is a hundred percent legal compliant unit and conforms to all legal licensing requirements in Belgium. All the requisite licenses are in place. He is a specialist in detecting and identifying every form of fraud, which may pose a threat to a company. Mr. Claus Jan and his all group investigators are licensed by the Federal Government Department of Internal Affairs, Board of Private Security. The key forms of investigations which are handled by Mr. Claus Jan are:

  • Computer and IT fraud related Investigations
  • Transportation and Logistics related Investigations
  • Employees check and past employment checks
  • Company Theft Investigations
  • Insurance Claim Investigations
  • Trademark and Intellectual Property Rights Investigations
  • Skip Trace and Asset Trace Investigations
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Background Screening and Verification

The Belgian law of 19/07/1991 regulates the profession of private investigators in Belgium. While operating as a private investigator, one needs to take other rules in account as well which are: The European Treaty on Human Rights, the private security legislation, Belgian criminal law, different collective bargaining agreements on camera security, email traffic etc. are Mr. Claus Jan and his team is thoroughly compliant in all terms. A large number of corporate activities handled by our professionals are stated below:

  • Corporate Due Diligence Investigation in Belgium
  • Third-Party Due Diligence Services in Belgium
  • Corporate Profiling /Reputation Analyst Report
  • Corporate Record Research Investigation in Belgium
  • Competitive Intelligence / Market Analysis Investigation
  • Corporate Surveillance Services in Belgium
  • Undercover Operations in Belgium
  • Intellectual Property Rights Investigations in Belgium
  • Litigation Support Investigation in Belgium
  • Parallel Trade Investigation in Belgium
  • Online Brand Protection Services in Belgium
  • Online Sample or Test Purchase Services in Belgium
  • Corporate Background Checks in Belgium
  • Pre / Post Employment Background Check in Belgium
  • Skip Tracing Services in Belgium
  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures(TSCM) in Belgium
  • International Process Service in Belgium
  • Corporate Process Services
  • Private Investigations in Belgium

Our Corporate Investigations in Belgium are the competitive processes to secure the businesses of all clients. Our stronger ties with international or local partners enable us to provide all intelligence and investigative services to the clients located all across the Belgium including Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Charleroi, Liège, Bruges, Namur, Leuven and Mons. We are committed to provide thorough investigation with concluded and interpreted reports. All the sensitive queries are handled discreetly and confidentially. We are prompt in responding to all related queries with highly authenticated piece of advice. To obtain more comprehensive information related to our services, kindly contact us on [email protected].

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