International Investigation Services

International Investigation Services

GREVESGROUP® International Investigations has a network of trusted associates around the world and can provide investigative services internationally.

We are proud to have a global network of our partners and associates in more than 115 countries. Our network is spread throughout all areas of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, North America and South America, covering even the remotest locations.

Our expert investigation agency generally deals with such large complex investigations. Whether it is international Due Diligence, international skip tracing, asset searches across the globe, we can assist you with best of services. Our detailed International due diligence investigations provides our clients with an extensive report on the business practices. Which includes; regulatory compliances, credit worthiness, financial strength and stability and legal standard of the target company along with any other "red flag" information that we may gather during the course of a corporate international investigation. It helps our client to evaluate the prospective business proposals and risks involved from several aspects and thus contribute very effectively to risk mitigation.

GREVESGROUP® is presently a leading name in International Private Investigation field; and we have formed various specialized divisions for different types of investigations. We live in a global community where investigations procedures cross over state and national borders on a frequent basis. It may be that a subject corporation, entity, or individual may reside in a different country and be effecting a client based on another country. Sometimes, a witness’s particular activity, business trip, or other activity, takes place in a foreign jurisdiction and investigation is required in that country only.

Our group consists of excellent investigators from various backgrounds with broad investigative experiences in the field of investigation. As a comprehensive service provider, we have the background, ability and resources to provide our clients with the most up to date, accurate and pertinent information available, specific to their individual needs and concerns.

However, when selecting an agency for cross-border investigations, it is important to remember that a good investigator is not enough. You will always require an investigator who speaks local language and knows the customs, local laws and bureaucratic processes practiced in the target country. We formed our international investigation agency with lot of experience and great sources present across the globe. We assist our clients with all the required assistance related to international investigations in most of locations.

Our international investigation department specializes in investigations outside the borders and conducting verifications in foreign languages. We employ top-level investigators who speak different languages at the native tongue level. GREVESGROUP® cooperates with large entities abroad, as well as with investigation offices around the world to improve and promote private and political processes in foreign countries. Our main aim is to serve our clients and provide them with bets solutions to expand their businesses. This is the only factor which has made us stand out, to differentiate and widen our boundaries across the world.

With broad knowledge and latest technology, our international corporate investigators, are able to provide concrete information to our clients to protect them from undergoing severe losses. Our consistent track record of providing the maximum possible success rate has led us to be considered as one of the leading and best-known international corporate investigation companies in the market. Feel free to reach us in case; you have any queries related to international detectives and international investigators.

We have previously managed several investigations where the person of interest traveled outside the country on business or moved outside the home country. If the subject in your case is outside the home country or travels abroad, we can assist you with range of international investigation services. We have an extensive network of experienced professional international private investigators across the globe.

To avail our international investigation services based on your needs, or to know more about our wide range of corporate investigation services, kindly contact us at [email protected] according to your requirement and suitability.

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