Reimbursement & Wage Fraud Investigations

Reimbursement & Wage Fraud Investigation Services

One of the easiest ways to steal or taking good margin of income from a company is through expense reimbursements. Corporate investigators provide you an exclusive service to keep your organization safe from pilfering employees who are taking the advantages as a trustworthy and to take strong actions against perpetrators who even leading the management.

Reimbursement fraud is related with wage fraud and very common everywhere from small to large organizations in tremendous way whether you are a multinational corporation or domestic, you can fall victim to expense reimbursement fraud.

Some of the examples of fictional expense reimbursement fraud are mentioned below which usually appear as a fraud include:

  • Billing for travel and expenses (travelling tickets going by train instead of flight and cancellation of air tickets)
  • Reimbursement for purchasing items for office (office supplies, gifts for clients, samples purchasing)
  • Modified falsifying or manipulating receipts
  • Fake accommodation reimbursement (accommodation bill of higher cost as compare to their cheap stay or stay at friends or relative place)
  • Use inflated mileage totals when apply for reimbursement of auto travel

We can help you to review the safeguards against the reimbursement fraud and make the strategy of prevention for future concern. Our service will surely help you within management to determine risk areas and for possible improvements in your business.

Our main goal is to wipe-out corporate crime to prevent you from future loss and to help you at the early stage for taking right decision of future concern. We provide professional services to assure you that we treat your enquiry in strict confidence. For rendering the above services, we have gathered and chosen excellent and high calibre corporate investigators for the discreet corporate investigations under ethics. For further discussion about our corporate investigation services as per the requirement respectively, kindly contact us on [email protected].

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