Corporate Surveillance Investigation Services

Business Surveillance Investigation Services

Corporate Investigators have the appropriate photographic and communication equipment to professionally and effectively perform on the corporate covert surveillance. Our surveillance investigators obtain clear and identifiable photos or video images of the subject and the subject’s actions. We can initiate a discreet enquiry including gathering of intelligence on any suspect and carry-out surveillance wherever required. We would also carry out a discreet in-depth investigation to determine details of individuals when suspects are not known. Our surveillance service can resolve the conflict in some of the investigation which includes:

  • Corporate Theft Investigation: Our skillful and dedicated team of undercover investigators with years of expertise are able to provide efficient ways to prevent and stop theft and detect different types of employee’s misconduct and crimes against the organization.
  • Employee Theft: When it comes to examine employee thefts, our corporate investigators are best in collecting relevant information in effective and efficient manner. The way used by our team is observing the individual‘s behavior and from interviewing the co-workers in case of any abnormal behavior in any of their colleague who they have been working with so long. We investigate in discreet manner and suggest methods to control theft and we also conduct corporate coverts surveillance of employees those who are under suspicion of actively committing theft.
  • Fraud Investigations: Our specialized analysis to prevent corporate fraud include internal audit and external audit, inventory check, transaction check, employee attendance record (time of fraud which has occurred), and other internal details for future preventions of fraud threat. Companies suffering from financial loss or corporate fraud hire us to conduct appropriate investigation in order to eliminate such threats in best possible manner.
  • Reimbursement Frauds Vs Wage Fraud: These frauds are also called occupational frauds which are conducted by employee on its employer in his employment period in the same company. Reimbursement fraud is related with wage fraud. Our corporate investigators are well trained in safeguarding such frauds.
  • Undercover Operations: Undercover operations are conducted by the corporate investigators / trained investigators in formulated strategy in which we pull-out the curtain from internal theft by employers or employees by placing our undercover agent as employee within target organizations.

Our main agenda is to wash-out the corporate crime and prevent our clients from undergoing any kind of massive loss in present or in future. We are by your side to help you at the early stage for taking right decision of future concern. Our unique approach of investigation and consistency for providing excellent services marked us in the category of triumphant organizations. For rendering the above services, we have gathered and chosen excellent and high caliber corporate investigators for the discreet corporate investigations under ethics. Due to sensitive nature of the specific service all the enquiries we deal is kept confidential. For further discussion about our corporate investigation services as per the requirement respectively, kindly contact us on [email protected].

Due to sensitive nature of the service all the enquiries will dealt under high strict confidence.

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