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Technical Surveillance Counter Measures - TSCM

Our company is specialized in carrying out Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) all across the globe in most professional manner. We are one of the well known and leading TSCM firms in the market. Our team is adaptable to latest technical trends emerging in the market and is constantly investing on new TSCM equipments. Such adaptation and research help us to prevent our clients from new technical related threats evolving in the corporate sector.

Technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM) are our most exclusive and technical based service needed in corporate world at large scale. Our team of professionals is well trained in eliminating all kinds of bugs and wiretaps, computer data line taps which can be functioning in anywhere without your awareness. Be it a microphone or a trans- receiver embedded under the office chair of an executive or a hidden voice recorder, our highly trained corporate investigators help our clients from undergoing such consequences.

Our corporate investigators with their vast knowledge and the assistance of our best equipments are able to detect any kind of electronic espionage and are capable in providing detailed information about the cause of loss incurred.

Our reliable team of corporate investigators deals with all kind of sweeping techniques which can protect and secure confidential information of your company in most effective and professional manner. The best techniques used by our corporate investigators to protect the privacy of the company are mentioned below:

  • Phone tapping
  • Visual and audio bug
  • Recording by unrecognised bug
  • Car tracking devices
  • Bugging meeting rooms
  • Cell phone bugging
  • Identifying countermeasures

Our company have undertaken toughest assignments at large scale and proven to be the best while achieving the maximum success rate. Our team has the distinction of executing best corporate investigation services to detect and identify the hidden devices in a better way. Our tailor made solutions have been proven to be very beneficial for the development and growth of the client’s company and has been successful in controlling such mischievous exercises which could put the customer association to an extraordinary misfortune, in the event that they would not have been identified and forestalled on time.

The main objective of our corporate investigation service firm is to wipe-out the corporate crime so to prevent you from future loss and to help you at the early stage of the association for taking right decision of future concern. We are the best in detecting and controlling such mischievous activities which can lead client to undergo serious losses. Our best customized solutions help clients to get to understand the matter and enhance their strategies and decision making process in better way. For rendering the above mentioned services, we have gathered and chosen most reliable and high caliber corporate investigators for conducting the discreet corporate investigations under ethics. To know more about our vast range of corporate investigation services or to hire our effective corporate investigators anywhere across the globe, kindly contact us on [email protected].

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