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Nataly Pedraza Guerrero, currently is a director of company security, that is considered to be one of the well known investigation company In Colombia. Her career inflows with great years of experience in terms of specializations and also involves technical experience in in the field of telecommunications industry fraud and technological subscriber. Her highlighted performance areas are Research and Prevention of Fraud.

Company Security, is born with best roots and experiences in the area of corporate security, investigation and research. The Company Security is internationally positioned Colombian agency supported by qualified staff and is considered to be one of the leading company in security area and research. Company security is considered to be customer’s best alternative for its excellent quality service and consistent track record of maximum successful outcome.

Our expert team of Colombia corporate investigators have the supreme concept and great ways to offer their investigation and intelligence services to its reputed clients engaged in the various activities of commercial organizations which includes Insolvency Practitioners, Proprietors, Solicitors firms, Law firms, Corporations and International Private Investigators based all across Colombia. The main objective of Colombia corporate investigators is to mitigate the threats emerging in the corporate world. The corporate risk investigators in Colombia are devising their skills to defend the corporate houses against the corruptions and frauds occurring in corporate sectors in present scenario.

Our diversified range of corporate investigation and intelligence services is formed keeping all requirements of clients in mind. By providing best customized solutions , our experts are capable in protecting the interest and businesses of their clients. We are the one stop solution for all corporate sectors that are undergoing serious financial losses or in case of their reputation being on stake. The main function of our corporate investigation in Colombia is to eliminate the risks and provide the consistent passage for the good growth of the organization in commercial world.

Major risk investigation services offered by our Colombia corporate investigators are as follows:

  • Corporate Due Diligence Investigation investigation in Colombia
  • Corporate Record Research Investigation in Colombia
  • Corporate Profiling/Reputation Analyst Report
  • Corporate process Services
  • Competitive Intelligence & Market Analysis in Colombia
  • Corporate Surveillance Services in Colombia
  • Corporate Background Checks in Colombia
  • Litigation Support Investigation in Colombia
  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures in Colombia
  • Intellectual Property Investigation Services in Colombia
  • Undercover Operations in Colombia

With the assistance of our partners and associates present all across the globe , we are able to deliver extensive range of investigative services to the clients located all across Colombia including Bogota, Cali, Medellin, Barranquilla, Cartagena, Cucuta, Bucaramanga, Pereira, Santa Marta, Ibague, Bello, Pasto, Manizales, Neiva, Soledad. We are committed to provide thorough investigation with concluded and interpreted reports. Our team of experts with their years of expertise are able to conduct any kind of investigation and provide accurate and factual information that can be beneficial for clients in enhancing their strategies and decisions.

All the sensitive queries are handled discreetly and confidentially. We are prompt in responding to all related queries with highly authenticated piece of advice. To obtain more comprehensive information related to our services, kindly contact us on [email protected].

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