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Dick Prudence Munyeshuli, Owner-Solution Finder Professionals Network (SFPN) Ltd

Dick Prudence Munyeshuli, owner of Solution Finder Professionals Network (SFPN) Ltd, a Rwanda based Company helping individuals and business entities to make well-informed decisions by providing corporate investigation services among others. Dick Prudence Munyeshuli is a skilled and well experienced private investigator. His experience as a lawyer coupled with his skills gained from various trainings of private investigators and combined with high ethical standards have made him a successful investigator. He worked more than 10 years for the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda as investigator in the field of Genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. Since 2006 he is providing investigative services as P.I.

Dick Prudence is member of the National Association of Investigative Specialists (USA).

As a local investigator, he has skills to tactfully collect information from various sources. He can help you to collect all the information needed from investigation.

The investigation services offered in Rwanda are rendered below:

  • Corporate Due Diligence Investigation in Rwanda
  • Corporate Record Research Investigation in Rwanda
  • Corporate Profiling/Reputation Analyst Report
  • Corporate Process Services
  • Competitive Intelligence & Market Analysis in Rwanda
  • Corporate Surveillance Services in Rwanda
  • Corporate Background Checks in Rwanda
  • Litigation Support Investigation in Rwanda
  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures in Rwanda
  • Intellectual property investigation services in Rwanda
  • Undercover operations in Rwanda

In addition to the above mentioned corporate investigation services, we also provides the following:

  • Insurance investigation
  • Genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity investigations
  • Forensic services (fingerprint and questioned documents)

To learn more about Mr. Dick Prudence Munyeshuli or to use any of the above mentioned corporate risk investigation services in Rwanda, you can contact us on [email protected].

We make sure to revert back in the least possible time so that you don’t have to wait any longer seeking a solution to your problem.

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