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Major Ponno Kalastree, Managing Director

Major Ponno Kalastree, Managing Director of Mainguard Security Services (S) Pte Ltd; is a successful developer of a Private Security Firm and presently running it on full glance with providing on-ground services of private investigations all over Singapore. From India to London, his early experiences to the international business world gave him the motivation to sharpen his business acumen for setting up a private security firm. His career highlights are inspirational as he is still having the full passion of providing the authentic services and also to establish the worldwide network. We have expertise in performing corporate investigations in Singapore and have served many corporations. Our services vary from case to case concerning to the matter’s demand and our basic layout of corporate investigations starts from Corporate Due Diligence, Asset tracing, Competitive intelligence, Corporate record research investigations, Corporate background checks and other important services are included which are needed for in-depth investigations.

We are sincerely taking the good account of entire problems faced by multi sizing corporate houses by making the proper analysis of every sensitive issue and earnestly working to discover the finest solutions. Proficiencies and skills held by corporate investigators of Singapore who are working in various parts of Singapore is commendable. Our corporate investigators in Singapore have the great knowledge and experience to protect all corporate houses from the detrimental effects of anti-management policies and deceitful activities occurring in the organizations.

The trusted corporate investigation services offered by our risk investigators in Singapore are as follows:

  • Corporate Due Diligence Investigation in Singapore
  • Third-Party Due Diligence Services in Singapore
  • Corporate Profiling /Reputation Analyst Report
  • Corporate Record Research Investigation in Singapore
  • Competitive Intelligence / Market Analysis Investigation
  • Corporate Surveillance Services in Singapore
  • Undercover Operations in Singapore
  • Intellectual Property Rights Investigations in Singapore
  • Litigation Support Investigation in Singapore
  • Parallel Trade Investigation in Singapore
  • Online Brand Protection Services in Singapore
  • Online Sample or Test Purchase Services in Singapore
  • Corporate Background Checks in Singapore
  • Pre / Post Employment Background Check in Singapore
  • Skip Tracing Services in Singapore
  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures(TSCM) in Singapore
  • International Process Service in Singapore
  • Corporate Process Services
  • Private Investigations in Singapore

We are quite glad to say that Singapore corporate investigators are one of the finest examples of the sincerity and dedication which is comprehensively utilized while working for larger corporate and other financial institutions. Which extensively require the best guidelines to have faster risk management and superior corporate investigation services to prospective clients linked with major institution and other commercial organizations like Insolvency Practitioners, Corporations, and Proprietors, Law firms, Solicitors firms and International Private Investigators across Singapore.

Biographical Highlights & Achievements of Major Ponno Kalastree

  • Major Kalastree had a distinguished military career from 1966 to 1974 with the Singapore Armed Forces. He was among the first batch of Israeli trained officers that formed the nucleus of the Singapore Armed Forces and during the span of his service he held various staff and command appointments at Battalion and Brigade levels and attained the rank of Major.
  • He also devoted some of his time in the sector of Trading, Shipping and in Insurance sector before entering in the field of Security and Private Investigation Industry. His vast knowledge and experience made him first in the race of leading developer.
  • SAS Meritorious Award 1997 for his dedicated service to the security industry in Singapore.
  • The Malcolm Thomson Award 1997 for his commitment to the development of the private investigation industry and presented by the Council of International Investigators.
  • The International Investigator of the Year 1998, which was awarded by the Council of International Investigators.
  • The Merlion Investigator Award 2001 awarded by the Security Association (Singapore).
  • The Distinguished Service Award 2001 by the American Society for Industrial Security Region XXXII.
  • The Council of International Investigators, elected him as its President for the year 2001/2002, for being a professional committed to the security and investigation industry.

Our Corporate Investigations in Singapore are the unmatched process for the effective use of the clients to have the total protections of their business in Singapore. Our stronger ties with international or local partners enable us to provide all intelligence and investigative services to the clients located all over Singapore including Changi village, Geyland and Katong, Chinatown etc. We are committed to provide the thorough investigation with concluded and interpreted reports.

We are prompt in responding to all related queries with highly authenticated piece of advice. To obtain more comprehensive information related to our services, kindly contact us on [email protected].

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