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Ing. Juraj Imrich, Managing Director - PATRIOT GROUP

Slovakia private investigatorThank you for visiting the online portal of largest Corporate Risk Investigation agency in Slovakia. We are associated with Patriot Group which is a Self-regulatory organization since 2010 in the Slovak republic. Ing. Juraj Imrich, (Master of Business Administration) is the Managing Director of our partner group “PATRIOT GROUP”. In 2017 he successfully completed and fulfilled all the requirements of the professional education program, on the basis of which he was awarded the professional title Master of Business administration with specialization in Business Law.

We feel proud to introduce you to the largest Corporate Risk Investigation Company in Slovakia. Mr. Imrich is a well-known corporate investigator who is a trained professional and has an excellent track record of providing excellent corporate investigation services in Slovakia. His experience of investigations in Slovakia and extensive network of highly skilled trained professionals cover every aspect of corporate investigations in Slovakia. We are associated with the most experienced investigation agency of Slovakia. Our network includes senior ex-government officials, IT forensic experts, and skilled professionals.

The trusted corporate investigation services offered by our corporate investigators in Slovakia are as follows:

  • Corporate Due Diligence Investigation in Slovakia
  • Corporate Record Research Investigation in Slovakia
  • Competitive Intelligence & Market Analysis in Slovakia
  • Corporate Surveillance Services in Slovakia
  • Corporate Background Checks in Slovakia
  • Litigation Support Investigation in Slovakia
  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures in Slovakia
  • Intellectual Property Investigation Services in Slovakia
  • Undercover Operations in Slovakia
  • Corporate Profiling/Reputation Analyst Report
  • Corporate Process Services in Slovakia

We are specialized in administration and management of risky debts. We do the debt recovery for legal and natural persons. We undertake the claims into our administration and ensure efficient approach to recovery of debts in Slovakia. Our main purpose is our client’s satisfaction, which successfully settles claims and also improves business environment of Slovak republic. Since 2018 they became respected members of WAD, WAPI and IPO.

We also conduct personal process service in Slovakia for our International clients. We serve legal papers in Slovakia; Complaints/Writs/Summons, service of divorce papers in Slovakia, corporate process service in Slovakia. As corporate investigators in Slovakia, we understand the importance of information you need and we obtain it fast at the most economical rates. Our Corporate investigation in Slovakia uses the most unique way for the rise and growth of the business of most of the corporate clients.

We are quite glad to say that Slovakia corporate investigators are one of the finest examples of the sincerity and dedication which is comprehensively utilized while working for larger corporate and other financial institutions. We have the best associate/partner to serve and assist you through all your investigative needs in every region of Slovakia. Our due diligence services in Slovakia are specialized and tailored accordingly to our client’s requirements.

If you are searching for a skillful corporate investigator in Slovakia including these major cities like; Bratislava, Kosice, Presov, Zilina, Banska Bystrica, Nitra, Trnava, Martin, Trencin, Poprad, Piestany, Bardejov, Banska Stiavnica and Komarno.

We provide best guidelines to have faster risk management and superior Slovakia due diligence investigation services. With us, you can feel safe as we provide best in class corporate investigation services in Slovakia.

To know more about Corporate Intelligence investigations in Slovakia or to acquire any of our above mentioned corporate investigation service in Slovakia, kindly write to us at [email protected].

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