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Corporate Investigations in Uganda

Shabazz Muteekaanya - Director, Scorpion Group

This is the online portal of leading Corporate Risk Investigation Company in Uganda. We have been providing class leading Uganda investigation services in addition to specialized Uganda corporate investigation services. Our private investigators in Uganda are the best in terms of efficiency and are economical than competition.

We are associated in Uganda with Mr. Shabazz Muteekaanya who is the Director of Scorpion Group which is structured into three key business areas and each provide their own level of expertise. However, all the teams work closely to provide enterprise-wide support to an array of customers and key agencies in the intelligence, defence, security and civilian markets.

Since 2008, Mr. Shabazz and his team has served as an industry leader in high consequence threat protection and specialized training for corporate and government clients. The complete team is comprised of security professionals with diverse backgrounds in law enforcement, elite military units, and the private sector working together to provide unparalleled consulting, intelligence, investigative and all round security services. Our approach enables us to provide products, people and expertise to meet our clients’ needs in a cost-effective way.

We are providing professional investigation services in Uganda to private and corporate clients all across the globe. We are basically headquartered in Uganda and we are also able to assist in neighbouring African countries as well. When working with us you can rely on our leading investigation services in Uganda and around as we are locally present in the country and are just a call away from you. Here at Uganda private investigators the team is precisely working for safety, controlled risks related to the investments, and it is the reasons which motivated the professionalism of our Ugandan investigators.

Not just Uganda, we do have feet on ground in other African countries such as Togo, Burkina Faso, Niger, Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Cameroon, Congo. Brazza, DRC, Gabon, Rwanda, Angola, Mozambique etc.

With all the expertise, we can completely take on requests related to Due Diligence Investigations and risks analysis components in Uganda and in the neighbouring countries, when investigation requires going beyond borders.

The trusted corporate investigation services offered by our corporate investigators in Uganda and in the other countries are as follows:

  • Corporate Due Diligence Investigation in Uganda
  • Third-Party Due Diligence Services in Uganda
  • Corporate Profiling /Reputation Analyst Report
  • Corporate Record Research Investigation in Uganda
  • Competitive Intelligence / Market Analysis Investigation
  • Corporate Surveillance Services in Uganda
  • Undercover Operations in Uganda
  • Intellectual Property Rights Investigations in Uganda
  • Litigation Support Investigation in Uganda
  • Parallel Trade Investigation in Uganda
  • Online Brand Protection Services in Uganda
  • Online Sample or Test Purchase Services in Uganda
  • Corporate Background Checks in Uganda
  • Pre / Post Employment Background Check in Uganda
  • Skip Tracing Services in Uganda
  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures(TSCM) in Uganda
  • International Process Service in Uganda
  • Corporate Process Services
  • Private Investigations in Uganda

Our associates experience of investigation in Uganda and extensive network of highly skilled investigative professionals cover every aspect of corporate investigation in Uganda and beyond. Our network also includes investigation experts and Uganda defence force staff and senior ex-government officials. We are also specialized in Due Diligence Investigations in Uganda including Skip Tracing, Asset Tracing, Competitive Intelligence, Corporate record research investigations, Partner Due Diligence, Know Your Customer, Customer Due Diligence, Corporate or Shareholders Litigation Checks, Corporate and stakeholders background checks and other important services are included which are needed for in-depth investigations.

We have been serving superior corporate investigation service in Uganda to clientele which includes: Law firms, Insolvency Practitioners, Corporations, Proprietors, and International Private Investigators etc. throughout Uganda. The main aim of our corporate investigations in Uganda is to curb the rise of fraudulent practices.

We are available 24/7 for your support and have capabilities to assist our clients throughout the region of Uganda. All of our Uganda corporate investigation services are available throughout the regions of Uganda including all major cities viz. Kampala, Gulu, Masaka, Jinja, Kabale, Mpigi, Gulu, mbarara, Lira, Soroti and many other parts of Uganda.

To know more about our Uganda investigation services and private investigators or about the detailed processes of corporate investigative services in Uganda, kindly write to us at [email protected].

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