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Oleksandr Chetverikov, President

Oleksandr Chetverikov, President of Agency of System Eliminating Risks, Ukraine; is presenting the Private investigation and security services fields in Ukraine. The main aim of our firm is to provide the systemic remedy to the risk and we approached from the study to eliminate the causes of the possible recurrence after removal of the immediate threat. Oleksandr with his vast experience in the field of corporate investigations has solved numerous cases for his national and international clients.

Ukraine Corporate Investigation Services has expertise in performing corporate due diligence investigations in Ukraine and have served many cases related to corporations. Our services vary from case to case concerning to the matter’s demand. Our basic layout of corporate investigations starts from Corporate Due Diligence, Asset tracing, Competitive intelligence, Corporate record research investigations, Corporate background checks; other important services are included which are needed for in-depth investigations.

The major corporate investigation services offered by our risk investigators in Ukraine are:

  • Corporate Due Diligence Investigation in Ukraine
  • Corporate Record Research Investigation in Ukraine
  • Corporate Profiling/Reputation Analyst Report
  • Corporate Process Services
  • Competitive Intelligence & Market Analysis in Ukraine
  • Corporate Surveillance Services in Ukraine
  • Corporate Background Checks in Ukraine
  • Litigation Support Investigation in Ukraine
  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures in Ukraine
  • Intellectual property investigation services in Ukraine
  • Undercover operations in Ukraine

Ukraine corporate investigators have become the famous source for best corporate investigation services and excellent guidance on the risk protection to the clients chiefly working for Insolvency Practitioners, Solicitors firms Corporations, Proprietors, Law firms and International Private Investigators across Ukraine. The sincere work of our corporate investigator in Ukraine can strengthen the corporate by formulating the operations and providing an encouraging environment for stable growth of the corporate.

The diversity of our investigation is prominently employed in carrying out the Corporate Investigations in Ukraine for getting the best solution of major issues related to competitive intelligence, corporate matters, employees or business backgrounds and due diligence with ample researches. The similar strategy can eliminate the dangerous effects of deceptive practices and anti-management policies utilized by the fraudster in the corporate.

We provide our premium services which are ultimate solution of many problems:

  • We study and provide auditing of the companies with the help of internet reconnaissance.
  • We study and testing of individuals’ behavior.
  • We provide help to parents for identifying the adverse events in children's behavior, as well as the installation of a circle of contacts in order to prevent undesirable consequences (leaving home, delinquency, drug abuse, etc.)
  • We verify the business partners’ status.
  • We provide information on financial, property and commercial viability.
  • We also provide our help to protect Intellectual property rights like use of trademark or copyright.
  • We identify the disturbance in family regarding marital affairs.
  • Pertaining to our work, we do not disclose any or even the smallest of details.

Our Corporate Investigators in Ukraine has highly organized ways to reconcile with the qualities to offer, enhanced protection to the businesses of clients across the country. Our pacts with global partners make us to provide all intelligence and investigative services to the clients located across Ukraine including Kiev, Kharkov and Lvov. We are committed to provide the thorough investigation with concluded and interpreted reports.

We do not disclose any or even the smallest of details to avoid disclosure of anybody’ identity, as we take in to the consideration complete confidentiality. For further assistance pertaining to your requirement [email protected].

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